'Halfway' comedy pilot gets a UK-wide outing


Halfway is a comedy pilot commissioned by Comedy Development Executive Paul Forde at BBC Cymru Wales. New writer Sion Edwards came up with the idea and after working closely with Small and Clever to develop the pilot, Sion wrote six episodes which all stand alone but also have a storyline which gets resolved in the final episode. The pilot was directed by Darragh Mortell and photographed by Chris McGaughey. Small and Clever MD Phillip Moss produced. This sitcom, set in a burger van on a lonely road, got its first outing as a series of 6x5minute episodes, shown on BBC Two Wales in October 2018. A compilation episode was also tx’d on BBC Two Wales, available across the UK until December 2018 on BBC iPlayer.


Shot on three gloriously sunny late September days on location in Treorchy, South Wales, Halfway is the story of a burger van with fewer customers than stars on its food rating. Carol (Laura Dalgleish), husband Dave (Rhodri Evan) and co-worker Lucy (Kristy Philipps) all have different ways of making it through the day - for Carol it’s getting on the phone to the mysterious George, for Dave it’s viewing exploding gas bottles on YouTube and for Lucy, it’s looking after her new pet caterpillar Derek.

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